My name is Cheryl Callen and I am a photographer. I first felt the bite of the photography bug in a college class (30 years ago). I learned the basics of film photography, dark room production, black and white, and composition. At the time I was pursuing a degree in interior design so I didn’t put much thought into photography. Over the course of several years I pursued a career in marketing and advertising. Most of my work involved postproduction work with photographers. Then the unexpected happened, I fell in love, got married and had children, which by choice, halted my career.

Roll forward 5 years, a move to Austin, and I am back behind the camera as a soccer mom. Literally, on the soccer field shooting pictures of my son. This was unknowingly, a turning point for me. I started out as many parents do with some sort of basic camera, still film at the time. But, maybe because of my background, I was never satisfied with the shots I was getting on the auto settings.

After 10+ years of shooting random pictures of kids’ sports I began my real love for photography. When my son started college 2 years ago, I needed to stay busy. So I began my endeavor of learning everything about photography that I could get my hands on. I have developed a love for macro floral photography, low light photography, landscapes, cityscapes, and birds, birds, birds, and of course all things Austin.